NYPOWER will have 4 Awesome competitions this year.

  1. Low power spot landing. Awards daily.
  2. Mid and high power spot landing. Awards daily.
  3. Saturday- New York beauty contest. Any icon of New York that’s flies and return for judging.
  4. Sunday- Water bottle LOFT closest to 1000 ft. Over or under.


Spot Landing Competition’s

Spot Landing is a fun, simple, yet challenging event.  The objective is to launch your model and have it land closest to a specified target. The model must land safely

The score is the distance (in meters) from the nose cone of the model (after landing) to the target spot.  Lowest score wins.

The location of the target spot is set by the contest director prior to the start of the event. The spot might be placed close to the launch site, or it might be set farther away. Both options provide challenges.

The standard strategy is to fly a very simple model. The model typically has a small recovery device (streamer or parachute) to minimize drift due to wind. An alternate approach is to use featherweight recovery to further simplify the flight. “Flying Saucer” models are popular.

New York Beauty Contest

Any icon of NY, not just NYC must fly, recover and be returned to the Contest Director

Water Bottle LOFT

  • Bottle must be full of water! HINT any size bottle!
  • Must be recovered still FULL of water!
  • Rocket must fly with standard Rocket Motor/Engine
  • Closest to 1,000 feet is the winner