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Many Flyers mark NYPOWER as the Launch they save that special flight for whether it be their Certification flight or that crazy kit they bought on a Black Friday Special. Share your Story, giving us as Many Detail as you Can!


If you have been to a large East Coast Launch you know Dan Michael. He is the Aerotech vendor rep for the east coast and flies some really HUGE BFR’s. He has published many articles in “Rockets Magazine” and the NAR’s own “Sport Rocketry”. Dan is a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to help, stop by his encampment. Look for the HUGE Rockets! (just leave him alone if his is packing a parachute)

Dan Michael’s Nike Smoke

Dan Nike is a Fiberglass kit from the old Performance Rocketry.

8″ in diameter and nearly 12 feet tall. Flying on an Aerotech M1939 to 6,000 feet.

Recovery will be handled by a pair of PerfectFlight altimeters.


Dan Michael’s Red Max

The first flight of my Red Max was way back at NYPOWER13. When i flew it on an Aerotech M1297. This year it will take to the sky on an Aerotech M2100 Mohave Green. The photo on the right. Red Max is a custom built from 8′ glass coated PML phenolic tube and 1/2 birch plywood fins. A pair of Perfectflight altimeters will control deployment of the 24′ parachute for a very soft landing.

 If we have time and weather permitting…

Dan Michael’s Amy Baby Doll

This rocket has had a few paint jobs over the years. Amy Baby Doll is in honor of my Lovely Wife Amy… custom built from 8′ glass coated PML phenolic tube and 1/2 birch plywood fins. A pair of Perfectflight altimeters will control deployment of the 24′ parachute for a very soft landing. An M1939 will take Baby Doll to the sky’s this time..

John Krichbaum’s Blackmax

6 inches Dia, 6.5 feet long, 98mm motor, 30-40 lbs flight weight. All Fiberglass, Dual altimeter E-bay with tracker.
First flight was last year on a Loki L1482 to 5000′.

Bill Clune’s… Percy, I WANT PERCY!!!

Percy is 7.5 diameter 8 foot tall rocket built from “stuff”. I found some tubing that looks like LOC and some fiberglass sock in my barn. Upscale-CNC cut the fins and rings from 1/2 plywood, the nosecone I stole from a friends junk pile. It should weigh about 35lbs loaded, going to fly it on an Aerotech L900DM “Dark Matter” Not to high, not to fast, BUT LOUD and Sparky!! A MARSA54 and perfectflight will deploy the drogue at apogee and the Rocketman 14 foot at 700 feet.

Do we have a “MAX” thing going this year?


Gloria Robinson’s 8″ AGM Pike

Gloria’s Pike is 8″ diameter and nearly 12′ tall. Made from filament wound G12 glass this beast weighs 50LBs Before you put a motor in it!! Flying on an M1790 SkidMark this will be a show! A pair of PICO-AA2 flight computers will control deployment of the drogue main parachute. Gloria’s Pike was the first one off the production line….


Should also be noted that this was Gloria’s L3 project which flew on an O5000 That was one heck of an L3 flight!

If you are in ANY of the online forums you know Evan as EeebeeE, He has shared many of his builds Truly Unique designs in those forums. Stop bye his encampment and check out his fleet.

Evan Brown’s Rufus Rocket

This was my Level 3 Project – A Rocketry Warehouse Terminator, and it is time to set it loose a little bit. Don’t know whether to send it off with a V-Max motor so you can hear the whistle, or a sparky just because I love sparkies…or both. Should be fun either way.

 Evan Brown’s Some Days you cant get rid of a BOMB

A popular rocket with the kids, this bird is a Mad Cow Super Batray done in the 1960’s “Batman” TV series theme. Cue the music and everyone dance the Bat-tusi! Holy Ammonium Perchorate, Batman! this rocket has been rigged for dual deploy and will fly on a high impulse 38mm motor like an I-566 or I-800 so people can hear it whistle.

Evan Brown’s Der MAD Max

While many have taken MDRM’s toward various color schemes, Star Wars themes, and alien themes, I don’t think anyone has mad the obvious connection to a theme that has the word “Max” already in it.
Introducing Der Mad Max, based on the 1981 movie, The Road Warrior, starring Mel Gibson. The Skull and Crossbones have been replaced by “Lord Humongous,” and other images and famous lines from the movie are also added.

But to truly be Mad…The rocket must be BAD! And Der Mad Max is… Bluetube airframe, interlocking fins, anchored in place by fiberglass strips. 3/8″ birch ply fins…and a 54mm hole. This is a mach-busting Max, and I am hoping to fly it on a K2045.

Evan Brown’s Upscale Plasma Probe

3x Upscale of the Estes Plasma Probe. It has a 54mm motor tube so I am thinking a large J or small K motor for it. Hoping for a slower more majestic liftoff.

Greg Youngs Ultimate Darkstar

Darkstar is a Fiberglass kit from Wildman hobbies, its 12 feet tall and is 6 inches in diameter, weighing in at 59lbs. An M3100 will lift it to approx 6,000 feet. A 2 foot drogue chute will deploy at apogee with a 16foor rocketman chute depolying at 700 feet. Deployment will be controlled by a MARS54 and prefectflight.
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Melody Clune’s GeForce

This GeForce is from a small production run of Aerotech Ready to fly kits a few years ago. This was signed by Gary Rosenfeld the founder of Aerotech and Dan Michael. Going to fly this on an Aerotech I200 whiteligtning.

Bill Clune’s NOT a Threaded Rod

Not a Threaded Rod is a Fiberglass 6″ Black Brandt II kit from Animal Motor Works and is my L3 rocket from LDRS36.. 10 feet tall weighing in at 53lbs loaded a Kosdon by Aerotech M1450 should push this rocket to 10k. A MARSA54 and a PICO-AA2 will deploy the 2 foot rocketman drougue at appogee with a 14 foot rocketman at 700 feet.

Dennis Jurus’s X15

This is an all fiberglass X-15 currently being prepped for paint. Will be completed for NYPOWER and will fly on a K1085 White Thunder. Expected altitude of 3,800 feet with a dual deploy system for recovery.

Dennis Jurus’s Astron Sprint

This is an upscale of an Estes Classic upscaled to a six inch diameter, nine feet tall flying on an L3200 V-Max. Weight is 36 pounds. Expected altitude 4500 feet.

Donald Johnson’s Blackjack

BlackJack is an Wildman Ultimate kit. Made from G10 fiberglass this rocket is 6in diameter and 12 feet tall. Weighing in at 52lbs a CTI M1060 should lift BlackJack to 9638 feet! A pair of perfectflght altimeters will handle the recovery system. a Big Red Bee GPS, GoPro Camera will also be along for the ride!

Chris Udy’s Frenzy

Madcow 4″ Frenzy – 79.5″ tall, 4.75 lbs (without motor). This will fly on an Aerotech J270 DMS motor on a L2 certification attempt. 50″ parachute with a Jolly Logic Chute Release for recovery. Expected altitude 3,300 feet.

Michael Paniccia’s ASP

This Rocket is 12’x 5″Dia.25~30lbs. Duel Deploy.
Featured on this Rocket is the 4 “Spinnerons” on each fin,it will spin on it’s axes going up.It has a cool black and white roll pattern.

John  Krichbaum’s Super Snarky

4 inch upscale of the Snarky. Fully glassed blue tube with twin vertical stabilizers. Slightly longer than the original for STD dual deploy and stability. 67.5 inches long, 12 lb empty weight, 54mm motor. First flight, NYPOWER.

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