This year’s NYPOWER will feature a Night Launch Challenge.  If you have never been to a night launch or launched a rocket after dusk you are in for a treat.  With the recent increase in popularity of LEDs, night launching opens an entire new dimension of model rocketry.   With consumer access to cheap battery powered LEDs any rocket can be quickly modified for night launching.  However our intention is challenge builders to design, build, fly and recover a rocket specifically engineered for night launch.

Design and engineering possibilities are endless.  They can range from incredibly simple, like an LED under lit chute canopy.  To a helicopter recovery with LEDs in the rotors that project the apogee altitude the same way LED fan clocks display time.  Just remember that the rocket will need at least one light that remains visible for the entire flight.  So our challenge is easy, we challenge you to build fly and recover a night flight rocket!  We will have three special awards for the participants Wildest Design, Brightest Flight and Fan Favorite.

Come join us for night of fun, we look forward to flying with you!!

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