Registering for NYPOWER is Simple (even a rocket “scientist ” can do it)

  1. Create an account at the Registration page
  2. Fill out the form, remembering your user-name and password (use your real email address)
  3. Fill in the “captcha” and click submit (sorry we don’t like them either, Darn spammers)
  4. The next page will be the login page, this is where you get to use the username and password you just gave us.
  5. Enter the NYPOWER Store to Pay range fees, Raffle Tickets, Tshirts!

Once you submit payment at PayPal you will be redirected back to the shopping cart where you need to push the confirm order button.

* You don’t Need a PayPal account a credit card will do fine, were just using them to handle the transactions — Security Stuff.

**If you are bringing children under 18 they DON’T need to pay range fee’s, but create an account for them as well, and we will make a name badge just for them. Kids ALWAYS Fly FREE at MARS!